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NextGen Faxing Made Simple


Work Smarter

Many clinics and hospitals have full-time resources devoted solely to faxing to keep up with their physicians' typical fax workload. ExpressFax provides complete automation at all steps, enabling you to reallocate staff and save money.

Communicate Faster

With ExpressFax, all outgoing faxes are queued for delivery as soon as the document is generated by the physician, accelerating document delivery and eliminating lost or orphaned faxes. Faxes can also be automated to deliver at specific times and intervals.
Meaningful Use

Meet MU Criteria

ExpressFax automatically sends clinical summaries and any other documentation directly to the NextGen Patient Portal for distribution to your patients, enabling you to meet Meaningful Use Core Objectives with no workflow change!

Understand More

With ExpressFax's fax history report, you now have visibility over all outgoing faxes, whether sent manually or through ExpressFax. The report includes if/when faxes sent successfully, to whom a fax was sent, and other important details, enabling your medical records staff to be more productive.

Restore Peace of Mind

ExpressFax constantly monitors and records all outbound faxing information and compiles this data into a comprehensive Protected Health Information (PHI) log. Now,at any time, you now have direct access to this critical data directly within NextGen.

Set Up in Minutes

ExpressFax runs directly inside of NextGen and does not require any additional hardware, making installation a breeze. ExpressFax users are set up and using all of the automation tools within just a couple of hours, and once setup is complete, ExpressFax runs in the background without any necessary intervention.
Learn from Experience

Learn from Experience

Entrada has a growing catalogue of ExpressFax clients, each with a unique productivity story about how ExpressFax's automation tools have helped their groups achieve Meaningful Use Core Objectives, all while improving staff efficiency, accelerating document delivery, and improving satisfaction with the NextGen EHR.
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Request a Demo

We know that seeing is believing, and we'd like to invite you to see ExpressFax in action. We offer both recurring product webinars as well as personal demos with our team. Click here to request more information.
ExpressFax Testimonials

What our clients are saying

I highly recommend ExpressFax, as it has made our faxing and data sharing more efficient and removes the burden of manually faxing by our clinicians. ExpressFax was easy to set up and is even easier to manage. We experience the value of ExpressFax every day at our practices!"
HeartWell Denysse Novas Director of Information Technology at HeartWell
With ExpressFax’s automation, our group has all but eliminated the workflow challenges in our practice's document delivery process. ExpressFax has been a great solution that has provided our referring physicians and staff with more reliable feedback and an immediate ROI."
virginia-cardiovascular-specialists Patrick Toomey COO of the Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists
ExpressFax has provided our Cardiologists and staff with an efficient, immediate method to fax patient documentation to the hospital and referring providers directly from a NextGen template within the EHR. ExpressFax was easy to implement and learn, and the support is top notch.”
munson-healthcare Linda Thornton Senior Systems Analyst at Munson Healthcare
Our group is loving ExpressFax. It's very low maintenance, and our physicians and staff have the peace of mind knowing their faxes are being automated correctly. Even the setup and installation was 'easy peasy.' All in all, ExpressFax has been a great purchase."
arkansas-specialty-orthopaedics-logo Dawn Brown EHR Coordinator at Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics
When it comes to faxing, you want to send them out and not think twice, but we were often nervous over whether our faxes were being delivered successfully. The fax history/PHI log report alone provided immense value for our group, and we've also accelerated fax delivery."
newport-orthopaedic-institute Phi Nguyen Director of Information Technology at Newport Orthopedic Institute
We love ExpressFax. As a Systems Analyst, it's my job to make sure the trains run on time. With ExpressFax, the process was incredibly easy - from contract to install to setup - and have seen no issues with it. We are more efficient and more productive with NextGen when using ExpressFax."
SVCI Christy Purvis Business Systems Analyst at Savannah Vascular and Cardiac Institute
ExpressFax's integration with NextGen is truly amazing. Not only does ExpressFax provide all sorts of automation power for scheduling faxes, it is administered directly inside a NextGen template, making it incredibly familiar. ExpressFax has been a huge win at our practice."
mount-vernon-cardiology-associates Michele Hedrick Project Manager at Mount Vernon Cardiology Associates
From The Blog

Why ExpressFax is the one NextGen plugin your physicians and staff can’t live without.

ExpressFax is a simple, powerful solution for automating faxes directly within NextGen.

Entrada’s ExpressFax enables providers to set up and deploy their own automation rules for faxing, increasing staff productivity and efficiency by eliminating the manual steps in NextGen’s native faxing process. Simply put, with ExpressFax, any generated document that includes a CC is delivered automatically, with no staff intervention.

ExpressFax can be customized to automate even the most complex and unique fax workflows.

ExpressFax was specifically built for NextGen clients who utilize increasingly difficult faxing workflows, providing powerful automation tools that are easy to set up and customize. Clinics and multi-specialty groups with ExpressFax have the flexibility to solve even their most difficult faxing challenges.

ExpressFax accelerates document delivery while reducing errors and lost faxes, with no additional costs per fax.

ExpressFax reduces both the fixed and variable costs associated with faxing, while also improving the quality and consistency of faxed documents. With automation at all steps, ExpressFax can eliminate your dedicated faxing resources and help you realize the productivity potential of the NextGen EHR.

ExpressFax helps meet Meaningful Use criteria by automating the insertion of clinical summary into the NextGen Patient Portal.

Stage 2 MU Core Objectives call for Eligible Professionals to increasingly use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health information. Leveraging NextGen’s Patient Portal, ExpressFax is capable of automatically sending clinical summary information or any other documentation you choose directly to the portal for distribution and viewing by patients at any time. So with no workflow change whatsoever, you can simply install ExpressFax, define your delivery rules per provider, and leverage the Patient Portal to meet this important MU objective!

ExpressFax provides peace of mind through its comprehensive, and easily accessible, PHI history log.

Now, more than ever, it is vital to have easily accessible logs of all Protected Health Information (PHI) transmitted by fax from your NextGen environment. ExpressFax has a comprehensive PHI log that constantly monitors all outbound faxing information that is easily accessible within NextGen at any time. This capability provides the growing number of ExpressFax users with peace of mind, knowing this critical information is all in one place and just one-click away from any screen within NextGen.

ExpressFax by the Numbers

93% of ExpressFax Users rated the “value” (benefits vs cost) of ExpressFax as ‘Very’ or ‘Extremely’ valuable.

The average time savings after an organization adopts ExpressFax is over83%

4/5 ExpressFax users spend less than one hour per day administering faxes. 50% organizations spend less than half an hour each day.

ExpressFax users who said ExpressFax enabled them to reallocate significant resources to higher value tasks100%

71% of ExpressFax users attribute ExpressFax with helping them achieve their Stage II Meaningful Use Core Objectives.

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